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Caritas Switzerland is a humanitarian aid organization that is globally active for more than 100 years.

Main part of the organization is focusing on emergency aid abroad as well as international Cooperation.

Thus there is also a lot of work going on in Switzerland. There are 16 regional Caritas Organizations within Switzerland that are partly independent and focus on local initiatives. Mainly to fight poverty within Switzerland.

7 of these regional Organisations are running the mentoring program «mit mir». Caritas Switzerland is handling the coordination of the regional initiatives, but is not running a mentoring program by its own. This is the work done by the regional Organisations.

The basic mechanism is that volunteers are mentoring kids from 3-12 years usually twice a month for half a day for a period of at least 3 years.

The kids are all coming from socially and economical disadvantaged groups. They learn new things and get the attention they deserve. Like this their personality gets formed and developed. They become more self-confident. On the other side, the parents get relieved during the mentoring time. The empowerment of the kids is the clear aim of the program.

Facts on «mit mir» 2013:      330 Patenschaften       48% girls, 52% boys      ¾ of the mentors are females

So you see we are very small but very happy to be part in this program and able to exchange with you all.

You can visit us on

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